IMirus Launches New Kandy Magazine iPad App Which Earns Daily Top 100 Newsstand Ranking

March 13, 2012

Kandy Magazine today announced that it is now available as a free iPad App in Apple's Newsstand and, in less than a week, has attained a top 100 ranking. To commemorate the release of the Kandy Magazine iPad app in the App Store, the first 100,000 downloads of the newest iPad edition featuring the World's Sexiest DJ Colleen Shannon are complimentary.

The Kandy App features in-app social media integration, in-app media libraries, notes, pinch-to-zoom, vertical scroll and easy navigation menus.

"As an independent publisher, we took a look at the different options available to us to even the playing field with the large publishers. It was apparent that developing an App for Apple's Newsstand was the best approach. Our belief has quickly been validated with a top 100 Newsstand ranking in only a few days," Ron Kuchler, founder of Kandy, said in a press release.

"We are very excited to be partnering with Kandy Magazine. This is a new and hip men's lifestyle publication, full of great photography and information. The demographic is certainly of the iPad generation, and we are very pleased that Kandy chose iMirus as its digital content technology provider," stated iMirus CEO Chris Riggs.

To read the full press release from Kandy Magazine, click here.

To get more info on iMirus mobile applications, send us an email at

iMirus Mobile to Launch in May

April 13, 2010

iMirus will launch its highly anticipated mobile platform next month, which will support the iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and all other web-enabled smart phone devices. "We are very excited about our mobile launch. It will be the most comprehensive mobile digital-edition in the marketplace," stated Chris Riggs, President and CEO. "The iMirus mobile platform allows publishers to produce private-branded apps. – and at the title level. The mobile platform also fully integrates with the iMirus e-commerce, subscription management and digital fulfillment platforms, as well as, iMirus Analytics," Riggs continued. As for the iPhone and iPad, publishers will have the choice of creating private-branded apps that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, or providing the web-browser version of the mobile app. for no additional costs.

For a preview, click here to view a short video.

To get more info on iMirus mobile applications, send us an email at

New Executive Joins the iMirus Team – Pierre Bisaillon – SVP of Corporate Sales

April 13, 2010

Pierre Bisaillon, Former Founder of ZMags, Inc. joined iMirus as SVP of Corporate Sales in January, 2010. "We are very pleased to have Pierre join the iMirus team," stated Chris Riggs, iMirus’ President and CEO. "Pierre founded the North American subsidiary of it’s Denmark parent company ZMags ApS, and had great successes growing its organization and revenue," stated Riggs. In addition, Kyle Adam and Adam Dufresne have joined the iMirus corporate sales team reporting to Mr. Bisaillon. "We are very proud of our growing client base in the magazine space, and we are now looking to grow the company in new verticals as well - specifically, in the catalog and corporate markets. Some of our new technologies and services, including our Content Extension - XML engine, has great applications for the corporations, and larger media companies. Pierre is a perfect fit for us to lead these efforts," concluded Riggs.

You can reach Mr. Bisaillon at

BY CHANDRA JOHNSON-GREENE – Folio Digital Edition Insights 09/30/2009

Publishers are increasingly taking a cross-platform marketing approach with their brands by creating a synergy between their print and online products, but they often leave their digital editions out of the equation. In other words, most are still viewing digital editions as an alternative to the print or Web product as opposed to a companion. There are a few publishers out there, however, who are making the connection and actively using their print magazines, Web sites, and even e-newsletters, to drive traffic to their digital editions. MSP Communications became the publisher of the relaunched Delta Sky magazine in April of this year after Delta and Northwest airlines merged. Digital operations director Kevin Dunn said the company wanted Delta Sky to be a breakthrough in terms of what onboard readers were experiencing on other airlines.

Delta Sky magazine
Click cover

"Our thought process was our readers might not be flying Delta every month, but they still wanted to be connected to the magazine, and we decided to help them do that through the digital edition," he told DEI. "So whether they’re on our Web site or flipping through the [print] magazine, we encourage readers to subscribe to the digital edition."

E-Newsletters Highlight Specific Articles

When readers do subscribe, they don’t just get a link that takes them straight to the iMirus-powered digital edition—they receive a full e-newsletter that highlights various articles within the digital issue, allowing readers to access the specific articles they desire without flipping through the entire edition. Just over 3,000 copies of the Delta Sky digital edition are requested each month, according to Dunn.

Each e-newsletter also has a quasi "tag cloud" featuring keywords from the issue that readers can also use to access the stories of their choice. "The tag cloud replaces the traditional table of contents approach," Dunn said. "We wanted to do something that was more fun, vibrant and engaging." While most of the content that is found in the print version of Delta Sky is not repurposed for the Web site, MSP still alerts readers to the digital edition and gives them plenty of access points to discover it. The upper right hand corner of the homepage is dedicated to pushing the digital edition by encouraging readers to access the current issue, sign up for a free subscription, and access the archives.

And in the "Destinations" section, which categorizes the site’s content by city, readers are alerted to past issues of the digital edition that may be related. "It’s great because we’re not only showcasing current digital editions, we’re also cross-pollinating archived content from the digital edition," Dunn said.

Using Reader Contests to Drive Traffic

Yet another way that MSP is planning to drive traffic to Delta Sky’s digital edition is by utilizing a tactic that the company tested on its now-defunct NWA World Traveler magazine. The company ran a photo contest that prompted readers (via the print magazine) to send in their best photos, which could only be submitted through the digital edition. According to Dunn, the contest received approximately 8,000 submissions. "In terms of promotion, it was one of the things we did that was out of the ordinary to make our readers aware of the digital edition, and it worked great," he said. Dunn said he’s looking forward to utilizing iMirus' new analytics package, which will map out exactly how readers are accessing the digital edition, as he’s confident that a multi-level approach works best. "It’s all about allowing the reader to delve into the content how ever they want to consume it," he said. "Whether it’s by opening up a laptop at the airport or looking at it on the desktop at home, we want to be there to deliver it. Our goal is to be platform agnostic."


2009 Year-End Promotion – Sign a One-Year Agreement and iMirus will convert up to 5 years of your back issues for just $1,000 per year.

August 12, 2009

Tired of your current digital-edition vendor, but can’t make the jump because of the investment you have made to date in all your back issues?

We are running a special from August 1st through the end of 2009, and with a one-year commitment, we will convert up to 5 years worth of back issues at just $1,000 per year.

For more information, call Jeremy Miller, SVP of sales - (732) 906-5438, or email at


iMirus Launches Flexible Digital Editions – Create and Distribute Multiple Variations of the Same Issue

August 12, 2009

Want to create multiple versions of your digital edition? Want to split your subscriber/prospect lists into more targeted groups and then focus your editorial and advertising accordingly? You can do just that with iMirus’ Flexible Digital Editions.

"Our email notification system allows publishers to split their email lists into multiple campaigns. And, different versions of the digital edition can accompany each of these different campaigns. The beauty of this is different advertisers can sponsor the digital edition for its specific and targeted readership, and editorial can be focused in the same manner," states Jeremy Miller, SVP of Sales.

"Here is how it works. Let’s say a publisher of a regional magazine wants to split their subscriber list into four separate campaigns; one for each region or city that it serves. Each of the four issues could have different covers, and could have different editorial. Advertising can be sold in a manner that is specific to the entire distribution or just one version associated with one of the campaigns. We can accomplish this because the pages within our digital edition all have their own URL, and therefore can easily be mixed and matched to create multiple versions," concluded Miller. "This is a valuable new feature for many of our publishing clients, as it provides them tremendous flexibility when it comes to how they paginate their content."

For more information, call Jeremy Miller, SVP of sales - (732) 906-5438, or email at


This Month’s Featured Digital Edition – On Wheels, Inc.

August 12, 2009

This month’s featured digital edition was a custom sales piece built for one of our clients, On Wheels, Inc. This demonstration was part of a comprehensive media package (including print, web, and digital media) presented by the collective OnWheels, Inc. magazines to Chevrolet. By showcasing the rich-media capabilities of iMirus’ digital editions, On Wheels was able to offer a unique marketing opportunity for Chevrolet. By simply providing the PDFs to iMirus our creative team was able to bring the pages to life for On Wheels through audio, video, video masking, website integration, and flash animation. To view the digital edition, click on the cover.

For more information, call Jeremy Miller, SVP of sales - (732) 906-5438, or email at


Monetizing Your Digital Edition – August 26 & September 9

August 12, 2009

Join Us August 26th and September 9th, 2009 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. EST for a demonstration of iMirus’ Digital Edition Monetization Programs. This webinar will cover:

  • Creating a Digital Strategy – Print, Web, and Digital Editions
  • Demonstrate Over 10 Different Ways to Monetize Your Digital Edition
  • iMirus’ Dynamic Ads Technology And Its Revenue Model
  • Extending Your Current Website Advertising into Your Digital Edition
  • The Digital Edition Media Kit
  • Q&A Session

Click here to sign up, or contact Jeremy Miller at


Flexible Digital Editions – Marketing Your Digital Edition – September 2nd, 2009 & September 23rd

August 12, 2009

Join Us September 2nd and September 23rd, 2009 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. EST for a demonstration of iMirus’ Flexible-Digital-Edition Program. This webinar will cover:

  • What is a Flexible Digital Edition?
  • How to create additional value for your readers?
  • How to generate additional value to your advertisers?
  • How to utilize rich-media (video, audio and Flash)?
  • Various e-Marketing Strategies – Controlled and Paid Circ Titles
  • Trends and Data
  • Q&A Session

Click here to sign up, or contact Jeremy Miller at


iMirus Content Extension - XML for the iPhone, Kindle, CMS, Websites, etc.

July 6, 2009

Want to make your magazine content readily available for the iPhone or Kindle, or to integrate it with multiple web platforms including your content management system (CMS) or digital editions? iMirus has just created its new Content Extension platform that extracts all text, images, metadata, and tagging from your PDFs and automatically converts this data and information into a compiled Prism XML file format. This format can then easily be read by multiple software and hardware platforms giving you new opportunities to extend your content, grow readership, and increase revenue in various new ways.

For more information, call Jeremy Miller, SVP of Sales - (732) 906-5438, or email at


Website Framing - Frame your Website or your Advertiser's Websites Directly into your Digital Edition

June 18, 2009

framed websiteThe iMirus digital edition is becoming the bridge between print and web for many publishers. iMirus can directly frame your website, blog, chat room, or any other HTML site directly into your digital edition. In addition, your advertiser's websites can also follow their print advertisement, providing extra value to readers and an additional advertising revenue opportunity for you.

To see a digital edition example, click here.

Or for more information, call Jeremy Miller, SVP of Sales - (732) 906-5438, or email at


iMirus Dynamic Ads - Why Pay For Your Digital Edition, When We Pay You!

June 18, 2009

dynamic adsiMirus' Dynamic Ads program is off and running, and its early adopter clients are seeing great results. Positive ROI with each issue!

The iMirus Dynamic Ads Program is a revenue-share program that helps you derive additional ad revenue by dynamically delivering new ads into your digital edition. These ads come from one or all of the following places: 1.) iMirus' ad network partners, 2.) your website, or 3.) by you directly uploading ads into iMirus' AdBox servers. Ads are either IAB standard sizes, or publishers can upload non-IAB standard sizes, such as 1/2 and full-page ads.

If you do not employ your own online ad sales team, iMirus has relationships with the world's top ad brokers and networks, and through these relationships, we can provide you with advertising and revenue. A few of our partners include Google, Yahoo, Double-Click, Burst Media, Rubicon Project, ADSDAQ, as well as many others.

Tune into the upcoming July Folio issue to learn more about how publishers are using this model, and get a great perspective on how advertisers and their agencies are embracing this new program.

For more information: Click Here

Or, to learn more about the program, call Jeremy Miller, SVP of Sales, (732) 906-5438, or visit


iMirus Dynamic Ads Webinar - June 24, 2009

June 18, 2009

dynamic adsJoin us June 24th, 2009 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. EST for a demonstration of iMirus' new Dynamic Ads Program. We'll show you how to monetize your digital edition with dynamic ads. This webinar will cover:

· Demonstrating iMirus' Dynamic Ads Technology & It's Revenue Model
· Extending Your Current Online Advertisers through Your Digital Edition
· The Digital Edition Media Kit
· How to Sell Digital Editions to Advertisers and Agencies
· Q&A Session with Current iMirus Clients & Ad Agencies

Click here to sign up or contact Jeremy Miller at


Folio Webinar - Digital Editions: The Next 12 Months - June 17, 2009

June 18, 2009

Sponsored by iMirus. Over 500 publishers have already signed up for this webinar. Tune into Bob Sacks and others as they discuss the next 12-month evolution of the digital edition.

Click here to sign up or contact Jeremy Miller at


DigiDay Networks Conference - June 8th, New York

June 18, 2009

iMirus' CEO, Chris Riggs will be speaking on Integrating Ad Networks and Dynamic Advertising with Digital Magazines. The focus of the presentation is how magazine publishers are implementing digital strategies to bridge the gap between old and new media, and how ad networks will play a role in the future of digital editions. Mr. Riggs will be joined by other executives from Time, Inc., The Wall Street Journal, NBC Universal, ValueClick, Rubicon Project, Razorfish, and many more.

The video of this presentation will be posted by June 15th at


Site Selection Magazine – Immediate ROI with Premiere Digital Edition

March 4, 2009

Site Selection coverSite Selection, a bi-monthly published by Conway Data, Inc. has hit a home run the first time up to bat. Conway Data's sales staff sold three "premiere ad sponsorships" into its first three digital editions, and did so even before committing to launching its digital magazine efforts.

"These sponsorships pay for an entire year of digital edition production, and turn the digital edition of Site Selection into a profit center for us," said Ron Starner, General Manager of Conway Data Inc. and Director of Publishing for Site Selection Magazine. "iMirus was great about consulting with us. They helped create our "premiere ad sponsorship" program that includes ads in our email notifications and premium placement in the digital editions." Starner explained that by using the iMirus’ 60-day no-cost "test drive" as a proof-of-concept to sell the sponsorships, Conway Data was able to enter into a contract with iMirus knowing the digital editions were a winner. "The ROI was immediate. We’re excited to leverage this new tool to create added benefits for our readers and advertisers."

Want a success story of your own? Contact Jeremy Miller, SVP of Sales, (732) 906-5438, to see how a digital edition can add to your bottom line.

Click here to see the January 2009 Issue of Site Selection


iMirus 2.2 Release - Sneak Preview

March 4, 2009

Haute Living cover
NWA cover

The iMirus 2.2 Reader is scheduled for release March 31st. For a sneak preview, click on the link below.

Some of the new technology and features in this release include:

  • iMirus AdBox – Brokered Advertising Program
    Patent pending technology that dynamically brings advertising into your digital edition
  • Back Issue Search
    Search your current and all back issues
  • Optimized SEO
    All digital edition pages optimized for all search engines (Google, etc.)
  • Web site frame integration
    Put your Web site, or advertiser’s Web site into the digital edition
  • Article Zoom
    Enhanced zoom allowing readers to stay in an "article reading" mode
  • Enhanced Print
    Print any and all pages with premium thumbnail view
  • Media Streaming
    iMirus can now connect with your content delivery network (CDN) allowing you to host media that is streamed directly into the pages of your digital edition
  • Enhanced User Interface So many new features you’ll have to see for yourself


iMirus AdBox - Extend Your Online Ad Campaigns To Your Digital Edition

March 4, 2009

Since our February e-Newsletter, there has been much interest in the new iMirus brokered ad program, and a few questions about how the program works. Below you’ll find answers to many of the questions we’ve heard — Join our March 26th Webinar to learn more about this new revenue model or contact Jeremy Miller, SVP of Sales, (732) 906-5438, for a personal demonstration.

What is a brokered ad?

A brokered ad is an ad that is dynamically served into your Web site or digital edition. With the iMirus AdBox platform, we can supplement your print-based advertisements, with dynamically served digital ads. These ads can either be IAB standard sizes, or non-IAB standard — such as a full-page ad.

How are ads served into my digital edition?

We’ve created iMirus AdBox, a patent-pending ad platform that serves ads into your digital editions the same way ads are served into Web sites. We take care of the entire process for you — you don’t need to learn any new technology.

Where do the brokered ads come from?

iMirus has partnered with some of the top advertising brokers in the industry. Our ad broker partners sell the ads that are served into your digital edition. iMirus can also connect its AdBox system to your online ad inventory and extend these ads directly into your digital edition.

How am I compensated for the brokered ads served into my digital edition?

Ads are served into your digital edition using a revenue share model based on CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) or CPC (cost-per-click) basis.

I’m currently selling ads for my Web site and e-Newsletter. Can I use these same ads for my digital editions?

Yes! You should use your digital edition as an additional advertising opportunity for your existing online advertisers. iMirus can serve advertising from your existing inventory of online ads, from ads appearing on your Web site or ads from our ad broker partners.

Where do the ads appear in my digital edition?

iMirus dynamically delivers ads at the top of the iMirus digital edition reader, or directly into the pages of your digital edition — supplementing the ads that appear in the printed magazine. Sign up for the upcoming March 26th Webinar to see a demonstration of the iMirus AdBox program, and learn about these new monetary opportunities.


Webinar – March 26, 2009 – iMirus AdBox Brokered Ads — A New Revenue Model for Digital Editions

Join Us March 26th, 2009 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. EST for a demonstration of iMirus’ new AdBox Brokered Ad Program. We’ll show you how to monetize your digital edition with brokered ads. This Webinar will cover:

  • Demonstration of the iMirus AdBox Technology
  • The Revenue Model for Brokered Ads
  • Extending Your Current Online Advertisers to Your Digital Edition
  • Working with iMirus’ Ad Brokers

Click here to sign up or contact Jason Brimer at


iMirus Announces Brokered Ad Program

January 28, 2009

iMirus, a leader in bringing innovations to the publishing community, is introducing its brokered advertising program for digital magazines and books. Much the same way advertising is brokered into a Web site from companies such as Google, Doubleclick, or inventory directly sold by a publisher, the new iMirus "AdBox" Engine connects and delivers advertising to digital magazines and books in the same way. The iMirus AdBox can deliver advertising either from a publisher’s own inventory or from iMirus’ advertising broker partners. iMirus brokered ads open a new revenue source for digital editions by placing ads above the iMirus digital edition reader in IAB standard leaderboard ad sizes.

"We’re always looking for ways to help publishers monetize their digital editions," stated iMirus President and CEO Chris Riggs. "With our new brokered ad platform, publishers can either extended their ad inventory that has already been sold for their Web Site into their digital editions, or we can bring new revenue to them through our ad broker partners. We are very excited about this new technology, and it is patent pending, so publisher’s will only be able to get this through iMirus," Riggs concluded.

"When a user turns a digital edition page, a call is made from to the iMirus AdBox Engine, which delivers either a publisher supplied ad , or an ad supplied by one of iMirus’ broker partners, depending on the publisher’s preference and the higher cost per thousand. Ad impressions and click-throughs are then recorded in the iMirus iMreports suite and the revenue generated is split between the publisher, iMirus and the broker partner. With iMirus Brokered Ads, advertising inventory is generated in the digital edition without any sales effort by the publisher," said Peter Tierney, VP of Technology.

For more information, or to view a demonstration of the iMirus AdBox Engine, contact Jeremy Miller at (732) 906-5438 or


Newsstand Deluxe

January 28, 2009

Dozens of digital edition and print magazine titles from Bauer, Hearst, Hachette, Meredith, Bonnier and other major publishers are being sold on the maNewsstand, the iMirus Store embedded on the multi-billion dollar retail site,

"Rather than building a digital newsstand and working to drive traffic to it, we’ve taken the approach of placing our newsstand within Web sites that already have a high amount of traffic," said iMirus VP of Sales, Jeremy Miller. "Over the next several months, our newsstand is going to be framed into several popular Web sites from some of the largest social networks to some of the largest retailers. We expect this to boost both print and digital edition sales for our publishing clients."

"Since our inception, iMirus has been marketing the digital editions we create through various channels," explained Miller. Realizing that subscribers often want the physical print magazine along with their digital edition, iMirus became an authorized sub-agent in order to sell print subs. This addition has been well received by magazine publishers and readers alike. "Publishers seem to appreciate our efforts to boost their sales and readers like buying print-digital edition combos."

To view the iMirus Store and the maNewsstand, go to To add your magazine, in print or digital edition format, to the iMirus Store, the maNewsstand and affiliate site, contact Jeremy Miller at (732) 906-5438 or


iMirus Launches iMBooks With A Visit From Christmases Past

January 28, 2009

There was nothing Scrooge-like in the free e-book gift of A Christmas Carol, given to members of last December. The beloved Charles Dicken’s tale is the first in a series of iMirus’ 100 e-book Classics, whose titles include Romeo & Juliet, Oliver Twist, and Moby Dick.

"We wanted to give our 180,000 distributors something really special for the holidays," said Todd Laire, Market America’s Director of Internet Sales & Training. "The iMirus e-book version of A Christmas Carol was very well received by our loyal customers." iMirus produced a special "Holiday Greetings" that was distributed through e-mail to Market America’s distributors. "We were able to track our opens, and how log each reader spent with the book. Readership spiked on Christmas Eve – I pictured our distributors reading to their kids," said Laire.

iMirus will be making over 10,000 e-book titles available on the iMirus Store and affiliate retail sites like Market America at the end of March of this year. For a preview of the Charles Dickens’ classic, go to


Search Your Past - Back Issue Search

January 28, 2009

Letting your readers search your back issues has never been easier than through iMirus’ Search capabilities.

The Search Window can be found on the Navigation bar of the iMirus digital edition reader. Each time a reader enters a word or phrase into Search, your current and back issues are instantly searched. Search results appear in the Search Tab sorted by issue date and by relevance. A page thumbnail and text around the search word or phrase is displayed, and when clicked, will open directly to the page. However,if the search results appear in an issue to which your reader hasn’t subscribed, they’ll be prompted to subscribe to that issue.

"We wanted to make it easy for someone to search a publication’s entire history," explained iMirus Chief Architect, Matt Hicks. "With iMirus’ Back Issue Search, you can either make your whole magazine library available to the world, or at least a preview of your entire library, depending upon how you want to grant access to your subscribers."

To see the iMirus Search in action, view our samples at


Welcome - A Word from our CEO

December 23, 2008

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On behalf of everyone at iMirus, I would like to thank you for a wonderful first year. I'd also like to take just a few moments to discuss some of our recent efforts, as well as new initiatives for 2009. We understand that these are challenging times for our industry. As a former magazine owner and publisher, I understand the pressures many of you are facing, both internally within your operations, and externally with advertisers and their agencies.

I also recognize that most of you have seen the recent studies conducted by Ad Age and the Interactive Advertising Bureau showing estimates for online ad spending growth from $23 billion at the end of this year, to over $45 billion in the next 36 months. At iMirus we have been working with many publishers in our inaugural year to help them create and/or enhance their digital strategies, reduce costs, and deploy new technologies and tools to embrace this growing ad market, while not losing their core identity, the printed magazine.

I am one who believes that the digital edition will not replace the printed magazine, but should complement it. Research shows that today’s users want information—when they want it, where they want it, and how they want it. And the "how", includes both print and digital media. After all, video did not, kill the radio star…

I am excited to say that we are launching some new revenue programs that are drastically different than those you have seen in the past. At the core of these publisher centric programs, we are tapping into this $23 billion online ad market for you. We will be working with you as a partner to generate revenue (rather than viewing your digital edition as a cost center on your P&L).

In closing, I would like to end this year by saying thank you to all of our early adopter publishers. Our first year has been fantastic, and it couldn’t have happened without you. Please stay tuned as we make significant investments in advancing our technology and launching new programs to help you grow qualified readership, and most importantly, your top and bottom lines.

Please feel free to contact me any time, at (918) 492-0660 or email me at


Chris Riggs
President and CEO, iMirus

iMirus Launches New Revenue Share Program

December 23, 2008

iMirus has launched a new revenue share program for qualified magazine publishers. "We are very excited about the launch of this new program. We understand the market and economic conditions are very difficult right now, and publishers are not in a position to take on additional marketing and circulation programs that cost them money," stated Chris Riggs, President and CEO. "We’ve created a revenue share program that has no cost and no risk to the publisher."

"There are two revenue generating elements to the program, brokered advertising, similar to how online ads work on Web sites, and sales of print and digital subscriptions through various online channels, including the publisher’s own Web sites," Riggs explained.

"We have developed a patent pending ad broker engine available only through iMirus, that allows us to pull paid advertising from one of three sources — ad brokers such as Google, Yahoo, Double Click, Burst Media; the publisher’s ad inventory; or directly from the iMirus ad server. In essence, we can either extend ad impressions and click-throughs from ads currently running on a publisher’s Web site into the publisher’s digital edition, or can create additional ad revenue by serving brokered ads from our partners. The value proposition is really simple. We have already sold additional ads for you, or we can extend your current ad campaigns running on your Web site. We will do all the work, take all the risk, and we share in this additional ad revenue," concluded Riggs.

For more information about the iMirus Revenue Share Program, contact Jeremy Miller, SVP of Sales at or (732) 906-5438.

iMirus Launches maNewsstand, Digitizes Magazines for Free

December 23, 2008

iMirus, with strategic partner Market America, has launched the maNewsstand featuring print and digital titles from some of the leading consumer publishers in the industry including Meredith, Hachette, Hearst, Bauer, and many others. This is the first of many retail newsstand relationships iMirus will be announcing over the next several months. "Rather than build a newsstand and then work to attract traffic, iMirus is taking our newsstand model to where the traffic already exists," explained Chris Riggs, President and CEO of iMirus.

In order to rapidly build an inventory of digital titles for the maNewsstand, iMirus and Market America are digitizing select consumer publications at no cost to the publisher, as part of a new revenue share program that also includes a new advertising platform. "We’re so confident of our ability to increase paid circulation, we're willing to put our chips in the game by offering the creation of Digital Editions in a no-cost, no-risk revenue share model with these publishers," said Riggs. iMirus, is also an authorized subscription agent, and is working with Market America to help sell print ABC/BPA qualified print subscriptions.

"As more and more publications become digitized, Market America is in prime position to offer our over 3 million preferred customers the ability to download their favorite magazines via the Internet and in turn are able to offer advertisers the ability to have users link directly to the products and services they are advertising," said James Ridinger. "Market America’s goal has always been to match products with people as easily and efficiently as possible, and this takes it to a whole new level and continues our mission of being the ultimate online shopping destination as we revolutionize the publishing and advertising industries."

Market America is a product brokerage and Internet marketing company that specializes in One-One-Marketing. With more than three million preferred customers and 180,000 Customer Managers worldwide, the company has generated over $2.7 billion in accumulated retail sales.

For more information about adding your publication to the maNewwstand, contact Jeremy Miller, VP of Sales, (732) 906-5438 or

Version 2.1 of iMirus Online Reader Receives Rave Reviews

December 16, 2008

iMirus has delivered the latest version of our Online Digital Edition Reader, Version 2.1. New features include the fastest page rendering in the digital edition marketplace, 400% zoom and pan, back issue search and a text-to-speech function, that can translate written text to a spoken voice in numerous languages.

"iMirus is a company built upon innovation," says Riggs, President and CEO of iMirus. "Our intention never was to just build software that flips pages – anyone can do that. Our intention has always been to build tools that will allow publishers to effectively grow readership and generate new forms of revenue in this new digital world."

Coming rapidly on the heels of the Version 2.1 release will be Version 2.2, which will feature several additional innovative features to increase advertising revenue.

"We continue to take cues from our publishers, and are on track to deliver products that will revolutionize the digital publishing industry," said Riggs.

For more information about the iMirus Online or Download Digital Edition Readers, or to schedule a demonstration for your publication, contact Jeremy Miller, VP of Sales, (732) 906-5438 or

iMirus New Hires

December 16, 2008

Chris Riggs, President and CEO of iMirus, has announced the addition of new executive members to the iMirus team, Jeremy Miller, SVP of Sales, and Matt Hicks, Chief Architect.

"We are very pleased to add Jeremy and Matt to our executive team. Their wealth of talent and experience will help us further our business goals, which is to help publisher’s create cost-effective and revenue-producing digital strategies," stated Riggs.

The hires of Mr. Miller and Mr. Hicks, come shortly after iMirus’ announcement of other executives and management personnel that have recently joined the iMirus team from Adobe, Level-3, Intel, and Nike.

Jeremy Miller - SVP of Sales
Mr. Miller, a 17-year publishing industry veteran, was most recently the President of Source Enterprises, Inc. responsible for all operating aspects of The Source Magazine. Mr. Miller started at The Source as a college intern while attending the NYU’s, Stern School of Business, where he earned degrees in Quantitative Analysis and Marketing. Over his career at The Source, he grew out of his initial intern responsibilities to hold various leadership positions including, Director of Consumer Marketing and Sales, and Chief Operating Officer before becoming President.

Matt Hicks - Chief Architect
Mr. Hicks joins the iMirus development team to focus on the iMirus Online Digital Edition reader. Well known in the Java and Flex programming community, Matt has worked with Adobe in helping write and revise software components of it’s popular Flash programming language, Adobe Flex. He is also the principal behind many open source projects, including Prior to joining iMirus Matt held chief programming responsibilities at Williams Communications, Creative Labs, and Sunset Technologies, and has been an international consultant and frequent speaker for companies such as Halliburton, Bank One, Executrain, Publix, Rockwell, Kaplan Communications, New Horizons, and many others.

Version 2.1 of the iMirus Online Digital Edition Reader is Now Available!

November 4, 2008
iMirus is excited to announce the 2.1 release of its Online Digital Edition Reader. Previews of this release are being met with great reviews in the trade press, and are seen as a huge leap forward for iMirus.

iMirus Launches Version 2.0 of Online Digital Edition Reader

April 25, 2008
iMirus has launched Version 2.0 of their Online Digital Edition Reader. A Rich Internet Application, the iMirus Online Digital Edition Reader takes advantage of Flash and Flex technology, allowing for a robust Web 2.0 reader experience. iMirus Digital Editions mirror printed publications, but can also includes the ability to introduce rich media like audio, video and text-to-speech.

"We’re developing a best-in-class standard for digital edition publishing," said Peter Tierney, iMirus’ VP of Technology. "We will continue to build on the platform of our digital edition reader, offering features that will enhance the reader’s experience and will help publishers monetize their online presence."

iMirus, a Tulsa-based Digital Publishing Platform, offer magazine and book publishers, as well as other printed content creators, an easy, economical way to port their material to the Web. In addition to their Online Digital Edition Reader, iMirus also offers a Download Digital Edition Reader, as well as other publisher services including the iMirus Store, blogs, podcasts, RSS feeds and email delivery.

iMirus is a subsidiary of Riggs Heinrich Media, Inc. Additional company information is available at: or (918) 492-0660.

Brown Printing Company and iMirus Announce Launch of New Digital Publishing Platform

September 4, 2007
Brown Printing Company, the nation's fourth largest printer of magazines and sixth largest catalog printer, and Riggs Heinrich Media, Inc., the parent company of iMirus Digital Solutions, today announced the launch of a comprehensive digital publishing platform for magazine, catalog, and book publishers.

Brown Printing Company and iMirus are now offering digital editions in both online and offline form. In addition, iMirus has launched a new network, which combines an Apple iTunes type of store, but for the download of digital magazines, catalogs, and books. The store also provides publishers with the ability to sell individual magazine articles or chapters from books. Publishers also have the ability to enable or disable digital rights management (DRM) with each digital edition or e-book.

"We have been very pleased with the response from our early adopter customers, and what we have learned thus far. Consumers want information when they want it, how they want it and where they want it. Offering digital editions (online or offline) is just part of the solution, not the entire solution. For publishers to generate new online revenues, extend their brand, and create new consumers, many digital tools have to be deployed. They have to work in concert with each other, and they all have to integrate with the publisher’s Web site and online initiatives," said Chris Riggs, President and CEO of iMirus.

"Brown Printing is excited to offer the iMirus suite of digital solutions to our publication and catalog customers. We believe iMirus has a compelling set of offerings that support the full digital strategy of a publisher or cataloger. No other vendor in the digital-edition market has a product with this breadth. Brown Printing, as a premier print provider, continues to find ways to improve our customers’ value. The iMirus solution is a great example of that," said Mark Treat, Chief Information Officer of Brown Printing Company.

iMirus is providing a promotional launch offering for the magazine industry, which includes a private-branded online and offline digital edition with web linking and multi-media, podcasts, blogs, RSS and news, weekly e-Newsletters, inclusion of the digital editions in the iMirus store, and ABC or BPA qualified e-mail distribution.

iMirus is a subsidiary of Riggs Heinrich Media, Inc. Additional company information is available at: or (918) 492-0660.

Brown Printing Company is a nationally recognized, high quality and high volume printer serving America’s premier magazine, catalog and insert publishers. A Bertelsmann/Gruner + Jahr AG Company, Brown operates three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities strategically located across the United States.