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Private-Branded Apps For Print, Web, & Distribution

iMirus ContentApp is the leading private-branded app in the magazine publishing industry. Why? Because it combines your print-based and web content all in one app. And, provides the best rich-media user experience of any app in the marketplace today. The iMirus ContentApp is part of the iMirus suite of services that provides you with a comprehensive digital publishing platform: digital editions, mobile and tablet apps, e-mail and push notification distribution systems, your own private-branded e-store, digital fulfillment, e-commerce, and 24x7x365 iMirus analytics. And last but not least, a world-class production and support staff that works as an extension to your internal team. The private-branded ContentApp is now available on the iPad. It supports all three circulation models: free and open; free subscriptions; and paid single-issue and subscription purchases through iTunes. Let us help you build your private-branded apps and get your content into the largest digital marketplaces on the planet - Apple Magazine Newsstand, Android Market, and Amazon and Barnes & Noble's e-stores.

iMirus Mobile - iPad   iPad

Bring All of your digital content to life on one private-branded app - print, web, multi-media, and user-generated / social media content. Users will experience your content in brilliant fashion on the iPad. Users can browse pages, contents, rich media and link to any external site including your advertisers. But, the your app does not stop there. You can integrate streaming audio/video, image slide shows, live web casts, editorial blogs, user chat rooms, and much more. Most importantly, this is not just a magazine app. It is a Content App. All of your web content can stream into this app as well. One App. All Your Content.

  Nook and Kindle

The iMirus Content Bundle does not only provide you with a private-branded iPad and Android app, but we will also re purpose your content for the Nook and Kindle. We handle all of the registration, submission and digital fulfillment and payment processes associated with Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Let us help you further your digital reach and increase revenue by expanding your paid content into two of the largest magazine and book marketplaces on the planet.

  iMirus Mobile - Nook and Kindle
iMirus Mobile - WeTab   Android Tablets

The iMirus private-branded Android tablet launches Q1 of 2012. Building off the same functional design of the iPad private-branded app, the Android tablets will gives users an enhanced experience over the iPad. Users have all of the same features and functionality of the iPad, but can also take advantage of Adobe Flash capabilities inherent within the iMirus platform. Videos can be masked into images, and the entire range of flash animation is capable on the myriad of Android tablets. Like the iPad, the Android platform integrates with the entire suite of iMirus services.

  iMirus Mobile - private branded store Your Private-Branded Store

One of iMirus' unique services is its private-branded store. The private-branded store is a "mini-website" that hosts your current and back issues. It can incorporate iMirus' e-commerce and subscription management platforms, and act as your hub for all digital fulfillment. Users can view select pages of issues and articles, creating a "try-before-you-buy" experience. They can then subscribe to your title(s), or purchase single issues or individual articles. iMirus takes care of all financial transactions in a secure manner, and manages all digital fulfillment, which can qualify with the various circulation audit bureaus, such as ABC and BPA. With the iPhone and iPad, users can download your private-branded app(s) from the Apple App Store, browse titles and issues, and then make purchases directly from your private-branded store.  With all other mobile devices, including the iPhone and iPad, users can also access your private-branded store URL, which can be a standalone site, or can be incorporated framed directly into your website.  You work hard to get users to your Web site(s). Keep them there, and allow them to make direct purchases vs. driving them to a 3rd party fulfillment house or online store. 

  Digital Fulfillment & Subscriber Management

iMirus offers the most flexible digital-fulfillment and subscriber-management platform in the digital-edition industry.  Whether you have a controlled (i.e. free) or paid digital circulation model, iMirus can facilitate and manage all of your digital subscriptions, single issue, and/or single article purchases. These transactions can be initiated with the publisher's private-branded store, or directly within the pages of digital edition.  So, whether a user is looking at your content on a computer or any mobile device, with just one click, they can subscribe to or make purchases to any of your titles, issues, or select articles.

iMirus Mobile - digital fulfillment
  iMirus Mobile - digital fulfillment iMirus Analytics

iMirus analytics was built by iMirus and designed specifically for iMirus' One-Content Platform™. Most digital publishing vendors simply attach Web-stat packages to their digital editions. These provide content creators with basic stats such as # of users, # of visits, # of page views, etc.  The iMirus Analytics platform provides a far more comprehensive array of statistics, information and knowledge than any other vendor.  The platform includes the following categories of reporting:  dashboards, circulation, e-mail campaigns, subscriber management, subscriber group, lists, and renewal management, advertising, editorial, usage, and financial reporting associated with your private-branded store. All data can be converted into PDF reports, or Exported in various file formats.  With iMirus Analytics, you can also differentiate how users interact with your content on mobile and tablet devices vs. their computer.


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